About the Authors

Kevin Davis and John Morris both started their respective careers as apprentices in the engineering sector. Each progressing through various positions in industry and building on their knowledge base and capability through study and experience.

Building their expertise on lessons learned as apprentices, tradesmen and in managerial positions, they have both developed through their enthusiastic approach an appetite to learn and share their knowledge.

Kevin and John have now accumulated some 80 years of knowledge in the engineering world, with many facets of management under their belt (including Human Resources, Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, Operational Management, Transport and Training).

Since starting their consultancy business (Comquest Pty Ltd) they have established a reputation of honest and hardworking professionals that have produced exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Their associations with industry associations such as the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Cooperative Limited (EMICoL) and the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) have provided them with experiences to broaden their focus and further expand their services.

Their work with industry has prompted them to share their knowledge with the creation of the Functional Capability Framework and the writing of this publication. The framework described here is based on their experiences, learnings and successes and will provide the reader with a structured approach to meeting whatever outcomes they are looking for. The framework presents the reader with a logical thought process that challenges traditional thinking and problem-solving methodologies.

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